To Join…

Do you need to be a licensed USAC member or racer? No, you don’t. Can you be a licensed USAC licensed racer or rider, yes you can. Do you need to be a bike racer at all? No, you don’t. Do you need to enjoy riding a bike? Well, that is a definite yes. Ride a bike outside, ride a bike inside, ride a bike on rollers, ride a bike on virtual rides, ride a bike on a stationary trainer, ride a bike on the road, ride a bike on the trails, ride a bike on gravel, ride a bike on tours and charity rides, we don’t have much MTB experience, but you can ride there too. Just RIDE any kind of a bike and ENJOY the journey!


USA Cycling Race license needed to join the PJW Racing Competitive Club and/or compete in any USA Cycling Permitted Race and possibly other USAC permitted events. Ask for details.