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Ciprofloxacin for scalp folliculitis has not been reported. Clinical trials are also available to assess safety and effectiveness in a single patient, and can help guide the design and conduct of clinical trials. Clinical trial registration is required for marketing permission, and clinical trials must be registered before being initiated. Topical antibiotic therapy. therapy may be prescribed for the management of acne and may be considered as part of an oral or local steroid treatment programme. Topical antiseptic agents such as antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide or topical retinoid creams are effective for the management of acne vulgaris. However, only topical retinoids and antibiotics that do not require topically applied systemic treatment should be used in the management of acne and should be continued only as part of a topical antibiotic programme. The effectiveness of topically applied antibiotics in the control of acne depends on the strength and duration of topical treatment, which is further influenced by the type of acne and its severity. In the management of acne, there are several types of topical antibiotic products available. Antibiotic creams. Topical applications of antibiotics are one the most common types of topical treatment for acne. They may also be applied as a vehicle for topical antibiotic drug delivery (such as benzoyl peroxide). Topical antibiotic creams can be used alone or in combination form with topical retinoids and antibiotics, which may reduce the need for systemic treatment, improve compliance or the quality of life for patients. Tretinoin (a retinoid) is frequently applied topically for acne treatment. Some studies have reported that tretinoin may exacerbate and prolong the signs symptoms of acne. Patients should be cautioned not to use it with another topically active drug, such as antibiotics, that is likely to cause acne. This is particularly important when tretinoin used with other treatments that may also have the potential to prolong and aggravate acne. Tretinoin should not be used within 1 hour after using benzoyl peroxide, and should not be used with anti-inflammatory therapies that are known to interact with tretinoin such as isotretinoin, glucocorticoids or anti-inflammatories. Topical retinoids. retinoids are generally used when other types of topical antibiotic therapies have not been or are ineffective for the management of a patient's acne. They can be injected or worn internally to treat inflammatory acne or scars of any age, and include oral agents such as isotretinoin and adapalene. Topical retinoids may also be used to treat hyperpigmentation disorders such as melasma and may be combined with other topical acne treatments for the treatment of acne or photoaging. Topical retinoids are most effective when used in conjunction with a topical antibiotic or in conjunction with another treatment that may have the potential to aggravate acne such as isotretinoin. Clinical trials are required before their use is considered. Patients need to be educated about the potential risks as well benefits, and the potential for side effects must be considered appropriately. Antifungal agents. Topical agents such as the drug minoxidil used to treat depression or seasonal affective disorder may be used in combination with other therapies to treat inflammatory acne. These are the same agents that effective in treating depression or seasonal affective disorder. Topical agents are effective for acute and remitting inflammatory acne, are effective if applied in advance of treatment severe inflammation. They are less effective for milder forms of inflammation. Topical agents such as minoxidil may also be combined with local or systemic isotretinoin for the treatment of inflammatory acne that requires immediate application of a retinoid, in order to allow the topical agent penetrate skin more fully. Topical benzoyl peroxide can be used alone in the treatment of acne, where its use is required because of the presence a sebaceous gland disorder or where topical medication and an isotretinoin-containing cream are inadequate. Benzoyl peroxide is also effective at treating other cutaneous disorders when applied in advance of other therapies. some cases, topical benzoyl peroxide should be used in conjunction with systemic isotretinoin. Topical antifungal agents. agents have become an important part of the topical acne treatment strategy. They are not suitable for the management of acne in elderly or chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn's or ulcerative colitis and it may be difficult or impossible to control bacterial growth if a patient is immunocompromised. They may also be used for the treatment of chronic yeast infections in the elderly and for conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, where conventional therapies have failed or a high failure rate. Topical antifungal agents are not suitable for young and immunocompromised patients with a.

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