Welcome to PJW Racing

Welcome to PJW Racing, and riding

            More than just a USA Cycling Track Race Club/Team

A bit of history to start. PJW Racing came into existence at the suggestion of a coach I had back when I first started to learn about Velodrome Racing at the National Sports Center in Blaine. The team started small, just me and my coach to begin with. The team gradually grew as we started to support some of the juniors who were learning track craft. As years went by, a few more mature riders joined in, so we became a masters team supporting juniors. I feel like we were a supportive, dedicated group of racers who loved the track and the excitement the track generated but also an independent group who could work as a team but also follow our own path. I would like to think that was a successful path.


Join the 2022 Team

Any of you who haven’t been members of the original track race team and would like to join, welcome.

Legacy Team Members

I would love to welcome any past members back into the team. What you need to join the team is a love of the bike and the joy and freedom it can bring to you. Just communicate your interest to me so I can update the 2022 roster

The team will still be a registered USA Cycling Team/Club. Incurs no expense to you unless you want to procure a USA Cycling Race license


Why join and what does it cost?

There are lots of good reasons to join and there is no membership fee or charge at all

If you think this new team fits your lifestyle.

Based on your responses, I’ll be updating the team roster with a 2022 list of Team members and working on more team details over the winter. Hosting trainer rides free to you via Zoom is just one advantage. Make sure I know you have an interest in the trainer rides so I can make sure you are on the invite list. Have some friends that have a like biking interest, pass the Team and Trainer ride invites to them. I would like to think we are an inclusive and welcoming group.
Those of you who are not “Joiners” or are already on a Team and want to take advantage of group rides, Zoom Trainer rides, other fun events we host, you are welcome into our group of friendly cyclists anytime.

*Participation in any organized activity will require a signed waiver

Welcome to Rat Racer Coaching

Who is this?

Time for me, Pat, to start to share in all the wonderful experiences and knowledge I’ve acquired racing at velodromes around the USA and the World. Plus, I’ve been lucky to have some great coaches encourage and train me to get some personally rewarding results and experiences. I’ll share some of that knowledge as well.

Currently I host Zoom trainer rides at no charge for all levels of cycling enthusiasts. Connect with me to get a free invitation to any or all the upcoming rides. About an hour per event, ride at your own pace and intensity within a suggested structure for each ride. Check out the tab above for details.

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Fixed Action Junior Training Program

MN Cycling Center and PJW Racing

A chance for teens/juniors, all genders, to learn to ride and go fast on fixed gear bikes plus learn about the world of velodrome racing. 

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