Fixed Action, fixed gear training sessions for 2023 to come, all ages, all genders, all abilities. Join us and remember velodrome racing

2023 Fixed Action, Fixed Gear Training

A chance for bike aficionados to learn fixed gear bike skills and their relationship to Velodrome Racing.

MN no longer has a velodrome but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the dream alive to build and race in a velodrome like environment.

PJW Racing and MN Cycling Center is planning more Fixed Gear training events, summer of 2023. We are hoping to use the Canterbury Park parking lots again.

Everything is in the planning stages to host single day training sessions for all levels of bikers.

Bikes and all related equipment will be supplied for your use.

More info as we get into early spring of 2023



2022 we hosted one fun day at Canterbury Park. 

2023, we are hoping for lots more.

We have bikes and gear needed to support the event, entrants will just need bike friendly flat soled shoes and casual ride wear. We will supply everything else you need

FREE to you to participate, limited space as we only have 10 bikes so only 10 rider spaces per event day.



Proposed 2023 location: Canterbury Park, 1100 Canterbury Road, Shakopee MN


Contact Pat Whelan of PJW Racing to learn more about sponsorship opportunities for this innovative spring and summer fixed gear training programs